Table Throws, Skirting and Runners
Trade Show Booth Designs - Get your logo or message seen in a big way! Table Throws, Skirting & Runners
Make your company logotype, name or message up to 42" wide with your own custom table throw, skirt or runner. Choose from 4 fabrics, 4 throw sizes, 3 reproduction processes, and dozens of color choices to get just the look you want.

Fabrics - choose from our popular twill fabrics. All are flame retardant, and meet requirements of FR Code 701. All are machine-washable with mild detergent (no chlorine bleach), and can be tumble dried using your low heat cycle. Follow care instructions, and your throw will come out smooth and wrinkle-free. 100% polyester Twill is our most popular fabric because of its durability and wrinkle resistance. It has a high opacity and smooth texture. Cameo fabric is also 100% polyester, and has the texture of suede. Luster has a slightly shiny look, and Satin has that unmistakable look of its namesake.

  Throws, choose from four sizes of table throws or three sizes of skirting. Full-size throws are available for 6' or 8' tables (full-size throws hang to the floor on all four sides of the table. Each has a seam just below the table edge on the back side). Economy-size throws are also available for 6' or 8' tables (economy throws hang to the floor on three sides of the table. The back side is open and there are no seams).
  Skirting sizes are 29" high (for standard 30" table height), and either 13', 17' or 21' long (13' encloses 3 sides of a 6' table; 17' encloses 4 sides of a 6' table or 3 sides of an 8' table; 21' encloses 4 sides of an 8' table). Ask about skirts for counter-height applications. Blank toppers that cover the top surface of the table and complement your skirting color are also available. Skirt prices include clips.
  Runners, which are normally hung over the center of the table throw, give a smooth surface for your logo -- even over a pleated skirt. Or, use them to cover one version of your logo and exhibit another. Runners can be 24" to 48" wide, in any twill fabric that will complement your throw or skirt.
Reproduction Processes - images may be imprinted onto your throw, skirt or runner in one of three ways:
  XpressScantm, The quickest and most popular process, heat sets your logotype into the fabric in one or two of more than 30 colors. XpressScan is the process used on short runs, in which fine detail and exact color match are not required. Not suitable for tonal gradations or non-solid colors.
  Screen printing is recommended on longer runs and where close color matches are important. Also allows partial ink coverage and continuous tones. Note: When reproducing light-colored imprints on dark-colored fabric, an extra set-up and color charge may apply for a white undercoat. You will be notified in advance if undercoats are required.
  RasterPrinttm, When you want to reproduce photos or multicolored artwork, RasterPrinttm four-color dye sublimation gives excellent results.

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