Outdoor Banner Stands

StormPro & StormPro 2

Excellent banner stands for use outdoors. Fill hollow base with water or sand for weight. Extending stabilizer legs. With telescopic support pole and adjustable hub, you can adjust height to 61.5” or 86” (with bottom arms attached), and to rotate banner to 45 or 90 degrees. Single- or double-sided (StormPro 2). Packed in corrugated box. Gray finish.

StormPro & StormPro 2
  • Hollow base – add weight with sand or water. Gray finish
  • Telescoping support pole
  • Banner size: 23.5”w x 61.5”h, or 86”h w/ arms attached
  • Adjustable center hub lets banner rotate in 45-deg. Increments
    (does not rotate when pole is fully extended)
  • 1-year limited warranty
Description Part Number Quantity Unit Price
Storm Pro 23.5”w x 86”h  (1) SPBS-OD-1L


Storm Pro 23.5”w x 61.5”h (1) SPBS-OD-1S


Storm Pro 23.5”w x 86”h (2) SPBS-OD-2L


Storm Pro 23.5”w x 61.5”h (2) SPBS-OD-2S


Replacement/Spare banner      
  Replacement banner – 23.5”w x 61.5”h SPBS-OD-GS


  Replacement banner – 23.5”w x 86”h SPBS-OD-GL



Zoom Indoor/Outdoor Spinning Banner

Unique design allows banner to “spin” with the wind, reducing chance of being blown over. Printed on flag material, one side only. More than 8’ tall on floor base; nearly 10’ tall on ground spike (included). Water-filled donut weight adds stability. Carry bags included.

Zoom Indoor/Outdoor Spinning Banner
  • Bow-shape pole can spin in its base with the wind
  • Colorful 45.75”w x 80”h banner, printed one side
  • Floor base, stabilizing ring and ground spike
  • Overall height – more than 8’ with floor base, 10’ with spike
  • Carry bag1-year limited warranty
Description Part Number Quantity Unit Price
Zoom Banner Stand 45.75”w x 80”h SPBS-OD-4


Replacement/Spare banner      
  Replacement banner SPBS-OD-4G



Graphic Towers – Backlit and Rotating

Lights, motion, color…. All elements that can bring blasé graphics to life. Bring your high-impact graphics to life with the power of backlit graphics, or the impact of moving graphics, using Beacon backlit towers and rotating towers. Each can capture the attention of passers-by while conserving precious floor space.

Graphic Towers – Backlit and Rotating
  • One backlit triangle and one backlit oval model
  • One motorized rotating and one swivel model
  • Kit prices include graphics
  • Ship in corrugated cartons
  • 1-year limited warranty
Description Part Number Quantity Unit Price
Backlit Triangle 15”w x 48”h (1); 13”w x 6”h (1) SPBS-GT-B1


Backlit Oval 31”w x 60”h (2) SPBS-GT-B2


Rotating Triangle 12”w x 54”h (3) SPBS-GT-R1


Swiveling Square 15-1/8”w x 76”h (4)     SPBS-GT-R2


Replacement/Spare banner      
  Replacement transparency for B1 (15”w x 48”h) SPBS-GT-BG1


  Replacement header for B1 (13”w x 6”h) SPBS-GT-BG2


  Replacement transparency for B2 (31”w x 60”h) SPBS-GT-B2T


  Replacement graphic for R1 (small) (12”w x 54”h) SPBS-GT-R1S


  Replacement graphic for R1 (med.) (12”w x 62”h) SPBS-GT-R1M


  Replacement graphic for R1 (large) (12”w x 72”h) SPBS-GT-R1L


  Replacement graphic for R2 (15-1/8”w x 76”h) SPBS-GT-R2G