Collage 5’ x 5’ Tabletop Trade Show Displays with Stunning Multi-piece Graphics
Ultra-compact, lightweight metal frame
Vibrant graphics on stretchable fabric*
Soft padded roller bag
90-day warranty

Colors for examples only. May be shown with options *Note: graphic flags are stretched to the four points of contact with the frame. Maximum distortion occurs near button holes and perimeters, with little or no distortion toward centers. Keep essential design elements 2” from edges.

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Description Quantity Unit Price
SPT-C22-1 Model #: SPT-C22-1
(w/ 4 single-quad & 1 front diamond graphic)

$ 1,514

SPT-C22-6 Model #: SPT-C22-6
(w/ 2 shelves, 2 single-quad & 1 double-quad graphic)

$ 1,263

SPT-C22-2 Model #: SPT-C22-2
(w/ 2 single-quad front & 1 rear diamond graphic)

$ 1,162

SPT-C22-3 Model #: SPT-C22-3
(w/ 4 single-quad graphics)

$ 1,182

SPT-C22-4 Model #: SPT-C22-4
(w/ 1 shelf, 5 single-quad graphics)

$ 1,408

SPT-C22-5 Model #: SPT-C22-5
(w/ 3 single-quad, 1 double-quad graphic)

$ 1,338

SPAC-CL-CT Model #: SPAC-CL-CT Ultralight Counter
(w/ pop-up frame, 3-sided graphic wrap & aluminum top)

$ 376

  Model #: SPAC-CL-SF2
Bottom Shelf For Ultralight Counter

$ 61

SPAC-CL-LT Model #: SPAC-CL-LT Low Voltage 50W
Halogen Light (w/ Carry Case)

$ 133

SPAC-CL-SF Model #: SPAC-CL-SF Aluminum Shelf
(26.75” x 11” x 1.75”, nests in frame)

$ 56

SPAC-CL-CS2 Model #: SPAC-CL-CS2 Molded Shipping/Storage Case w/ Graphic Wrap

$ 710

  Model #: SPAC-CL-CS1 Molded Shipping/Storage Case – no Graphic Wrap

$ 450

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