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Give your company StarPower!
Depend on StarPowerDisplays.com for your next trade show booth or trade show display and your company can be the hit of the show. Welcome! Check out our web site. You’ll find trade show booths for nearly every application and every budget.

10-Foot Curved
Frame Pop-Up
Trade Show Displays
  10-Foot Straight
Frame Pop-Up
Trade Show Display
  Premium 10-Foot
Wave Pop-Up
Trade Show Displays

10' Curved Frame Pop-Up Displays
Three pop-up trade show display lines to choose from. Ten booth kits.

As low as $997


10' Straight Frame Pop-Up Displays
All the convenience of a pop-up trade show display with the benefits of a flat surface.

From $978


10' Premium Wave Pop-Up Displays
Attention-getting wave shape trade show displays in a 10’ length.

Starting at just $1,350

8’ Curved Frame Pop-Up Trade Show Displays – starting at just $935!
20-Foot Gullwing
Pop-Up Trade Show
  20-Foot Serpentine
Pop-Up Trade Show Booths
  20-Foot Center-Forward Pop-Up
Trade Show Booths

20' Gullwing Pop-up Booths
Look great against the competition, even if you only display once or twice a year. Twenty feet of trade show display space. Great value.

Starting at $2,095


20' Serpentine Pop-Up Exhibits
Affordable trade show booth value for the multi-booth exhibitor. Choice of frame lines, all with lifetime warranties. Big trade show display area and distinctive exhibit shape help your message stand out.

From $2,550


20' Center-Forward Booth
Unusual trade show display shape ideal for segmented product categories or multiple messages.

As Low As $3,195

Look larger than life with a 20’ pop-up trade show exhibit – as little as $2,095!
8-Foot Pop-Up
Trade Show Displays
  Collage 3-D Pop-Up Trade Show Displays   Introtm Folding-Panel Displays

Marquis 20' with 2 Counters, Header Kits & Bridge
Great choice on a restricted budget or if you sometimes get a booth that’s not quite 10’.

Starting at $935


Pop-Up Tabletop Displays
Vivid stretch panels weave in and out for added interest. Panels stay on frame when stored.

Just $955 and up


Pop-Up Tabletop Displays
Intro is king of folding-panel trade show displays, with patented 360-degree perfect-alignment sprocket hinge and protective hidden panel edging. Panels are reversible

Starting at $2,475

Intro Folding Panel Trade Show Exhibits   Tabletop Displays:
Pop-Ups and Panels
  Tabletop Displays: Contemporary Designs

Marquis 20' with 2 Counters, Header Kits & Bridge
Make a powerful statement at larger shows; separate into multiple displays at smaller venues.

From $5,597

Pop-Up Tabletop Displays
Two dozen models from four great lines! Big selection of options and accessories.

Starting at just $381!


Pop-Up Tabletop Displays
Add style to your identity with an irresistible tension fabric, 3-D or hybrid tabletop display.

As low as $978!

Make a Big Impression in a Small Space.
Tabletop Displays: Traditional and Contemporary Designs.
UltraLight Briefcase
Presentation Displays
Banner Stands
Banner Stands

Briefcase Displays

Briefcase Displays
Self-contained tabletop trade show exhibits for presentations on the fly. Fabric surfaces inside; molded plastic case outside.

As low as $295


Retractable Banner Stands
Trade show banner stands make excellent use of vertical space. Retractable models set up in seconds.

Starting at $143


Telescopic Banner Stands
Inexpensive way to add larger-than-life imagery to your booth. Wide choice of banner heights and widths.

As Low As $197

Banner Stands
Banner Stands
  Graphic Trade Show Display Towers
Springback Banner Stands

Low-cost, lightweight way to make a big impression.

Starting at $143


Telescopic Banner Stands

Perfect banner stand for outdoor events, theme development, event marketing. Your design looks great; your hardware stands up to the elements. Starting at $233


Great complement to your trade show booth set-up. Adds motion through non-stop rotation, and brilliant backlit colors. Starting at $876

  Table Throws
& Skirts

Retractable Banner Stands

Put your logo or art front and center. Perfect way to stretch your corporate identity.

Check our low prices!




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