Art Guidelines

Acceptable File Formats

  • Illustrator CS2 or below.
  • PhotoShop CS2 or below. 
    Note: Only vector art is accepted for Throws/Skirts and Runners Screen Print and X-Press Scan.
NOTE: Displays recommends exporting files as an EPS and converting all fonts to outlines. All raster images must be linked tiff files (not embedded).
  • Fonts must be provided.
  • Text and objects must be converted to outlines.
  • If you are working on a PC, provide True Type fonts or covert all text to outlines.

Resolution: All rasterized files must be between 100 and 120 pixels per inch (ppi) (250-300 dpi) at final size.

Murals: Create layouts as one document (do not separate the designs panel by panel). Files must be built as one image. Be aware of panel breaks and try to minimize the amount of text that crosses over panels.

NOTE: Precision tiling of your image will take  place in the production process. Supply your images at the exact width. In order to insure accurate line-up of all your mural graphics, a charge may be incurred to rebuild separate files into a single layout.

NOTE: Illustrator special effects that mimic PhotoShop effects, such as glows, transparencies or drop shadows are not supported for mural output.

  • All files must be CMYK.
  • Provide hardcopy layouts on all graphics. Provide a full color positive for close color matching.
  • If Pantone colors are used, please indicate on hard copy.
  • Any critical colors pertaining to logos or corporate identity should be called out as Pantone coated or uncoated.
  • Cannot replicate colors such as flourescents, neons and metallics.
  • Specify PMS color if you want colors to be matched.
    • NOTE: The graphics department prints in 4-color process, not  spot. When we attempt to match a PMS spot color, it is a 4-color process interpretation of the Pantone PMS color. The graphics department interprets your specified PMS Pantone colors to bring you the best possible equivalent.
Note: Printing in large format does not ensure 100 percent color accuracy. Colors and photos will print an approximate 95 percent accurate. we print in CMYK ONLY. Art submissions with specific Pantone Color call out's will automatically be converted to CMYK. If you require any specific color to be matched, please include a match print, or previously printed media such as a brochure, business card or any printed sample with your desired color. We will make an effort to match your specified color. Since we print in CMYK and not in spot PMS colors, the final color printed may not exactly match the sample(s) provided.

For your convenience we do offer test strips prior to final printing for you to review (at an additional cost). This will add 2 (or more) days to your schedule. Any adjustments to color will be subject to additional cost, including any additional proofs that need to be sent out.

Vinyl (traditional cut) Graphics

  • All artwork must be vector.
  • No gradients.
  • Assign PMS values for color matching.

Dye Sublimation: Add 2” of bleed around perimeter and make sure graphic is proportionate to display.

Acceptable storage media

  • DVD
  • CD
  • 3.5” floppy
  • Zip disks
  • FTP is also available

NOTE: Please make sure your disk contains both the screen and printer fonts that are used. Along with your disk, send a hardcopy of all files that the Graphic Department will be producing and a printout of the contents of the disk, marking the files that will be used.

NOTE: All client supplied CD’s, DVD’s and disks will be discarded when job is complete unless indicated on PO.