Model Comparison
Which display system is right for you?

Pop-Up Display
All pop-up trade show displays are not equal. After extensive research,  has selected the exhibit brands that give you a wide range of features, options and prices. Plus, every frame we sell is protected by a limited lifetime warranty. Which system is best for your application? Check the comparisons below.

Economy Trade Show Display   Economy - no-frills display for the marketer on a tight budget, who exhibits infrequently, but wants a professional image. The lightweight 8mm aluminum frame is self-locking, and protected by a lifetime warranty. The kit features individual channel bars, all-in-one molded case with wheels, and quality Front Runner fabric panels.

Economy-Plus - affordable exhibit that combines the light weight of the 8mm self-locking Economy frame with some of the most-useful options. You get the quick set-up advantages of hinged channel bars, attention-getting halogen lights, and convenient case-to-table conversion kit. Adds style and convenience for the occasional exhibitor.
Premium Trade Show Display   Premium - for the more-frequent exhibitor, the Premium display features high-strength 13mm self-locking frame  with lifetime warranty, hinged channel bars, halogen lights, Front Runner fabric panels and matching case-to-table conversion kits. You can also select from a wide variety of options, including high-resolution photomural panels, shelving, headers and more.
    Quadro - for the more demanding show schedule, or applications where extra frame strength is tantamount, the StarPower Quadro is your natural choice. The Quadro frame is among the strongest in the business, with durable square-tube design that doesn't require diagonal members or lots of plastic parts, and load bearing capability up to 75 pounds in any segment. Available in straight- or curved designs, with separate channel bars and panels on one or both sides, you can select from an unsurpassed variety of accessories and options.
MarquisTM Panel Display System   MarquisTM Panel Display System:
Marquis is royalty among folding-panel trade show displays. Hidden beneath your exhibit’s FrontRunner fabric will be lightweight aluminum edging and patented 360-degree aluminum sprocket hinge for perfect panel alignment every time. Panels are reversible, allowing multiple looks at different shows or for different product lines. Adjustable feet give uniform contact, even on uneven surfaces. Tailored fabric inlays, custom counter shapes and elegant accents give Marquis a special touch of class. GE Lexan diffusers in Marquis’ header kit ceilings are virtually indestructible, while most competitors use more fragile Plexiglas or plastic. Marquis’ versatility allows most kits to be set up in multiple configurations. Tiers of your floor model can be used separately as tabletop displays, and then stacked at larger shows. The system requires no small or loose parts, and packs securely into molded cases. With every Marquis system you get a lifetime warranty covering aluminum hinging system and overall panel workmanship.