Privacy Policy

Lockney & Associates, Inc., dba, ensures its full efforts in protecting information about all persons who visit and/or use this web site. It is not our intention to sell, give away, or otherwise disseminate information about any company or individual to any other organization.

Company Information
Information collected about each company whose representative has visited this site will be considered confidential within the confines of L&A, unless we have been authorized via written permission, implied permission (as in our Testimonials section), or our own outreach efforts (i.e. product news, tips, or other outbound communications). In the case of any outbound contact, we will provide an opt-out mechanism. The portions of this site that involved collection of visitors' financial information (i.e. credit card info) is secure, and will not be released to any entity.

Individual Information will not mandate personal information be collected about any individual who visits this site, unless it becomes integral to placing and/or shipping his/her order. All such information will be strictly confidential. Residual Data on

Visitor's Computer
Although a "cookie" or similar file may remain on your computer after your visit to, most internet browsers include procedures that will eliminate such files from your system. Information collected from such files will in no way be used individually, but may be utilized collectively to monitor visitor searching and navigational patterns, in order to help us make our site most useful.

Contact us with any questions or comments you have about our Privacy Practices, or if you believe they've been abused in any way.

Gary L. Lockney