Your booth all dressed up

When designing graphics for your booth, the most important goals to strive for are visibility and style.  Remember, you have only three to six seconds to capture the attention of the attendee….

Your graphics should be easy for customers to see when standing in the aisle. Sandy Flom, CEO of Extraordinary Show Productions, Ltd., recently told The Mississippi Business Journal that “Powerful graphics are easily seen from a distance. Large photographs of people using or benefiting from your product or service send the strongest message.” Graphics should also be bold enough to demand further examination.

In addition to visibility, you want your graphics to be distinctive. Stick to a standard font, nothing too fancy, and try to state your message in ten words or less. Use simple, everyday terms, and try to convey how your company’s products or services can help prospective customers. Try to avoid too much detail -- simplicity is the key. Attendees are bombarded with massive amounts of information at trade shows. They are unlikely to take the time to read a jargon heavy message or want to be bogged down with too many specifications. Save that information for your literature. That way customers can examine it at their leisure, and refer to it as needed.

Photomural graphics are a dynamic way to make your booth shine, and will really grab people’s attention. A rich, colorful image will make people stop and take notice. Photomurals are available in both table top and stand-alone displays. They can be combined with header graphics to display your message and detachable graphics that display smaller images for a unique look. Be sure to coordinate your display graphics with those in your literature for a cohesive presentation. Clear and concise graphics are yet another way for your booth to stand out from the pack.