Banner Stands – energy surges for lifeless booths

Banner StandsThe banner stand has found its footing, and exhibitors of all sizes are learning its power to stand alone, or to bring new life to listless displays. Long live the banner stand! The college recruiter, sent to set up for an hour in the local high school hallway, can have the stand up in two minutes, without worrying about ceiling height or tear down time. The Fortune 500 exhibit manager with trade show budget of seven digits can use the stand to explain minute product details, attract attention, or add color. Banner stands can be the whole message, or provide just the finishing touch. And they do it all with very little requirement for money, labor or space.

Banner stands are available in retractable models, reminiscent of the home movie screens we once set up to show our families’ most embarrassing moments on grainy, scratchy, 8mm film. On newer versions, banners can be loaded onto cassettes allowing the user to snap in the banner of choice for a particular show, or a particular message. Some are single- and some are double-sided. Imagine your booth, with your main display carrying your corporate branding message and overall product line, and banner stands strategically located with your product-specific media ads or product features.

Telescoping banner stands use support poles that allow set-up at an infinite number of heights within the overall range, allowing them to be used as tabletop models or floor models. These economical systems give great flexibility on a budget. And because there’s no canister at the bottom like the retractable versions, they can be placed side-by-side, creating a “wall” of full-height graphic messages. Widths can be as little as about 24”, or as much as 60” or more. Some banners extend to the floor, while others have raised bottoms, allowing literature pockets to be attached beneath. In some cases, banners can be cut to special shapes.

The most economical banner stand category is the spring back version, which uses the tension of a flexible support pole bent slightly to hold the banner taught. In some cases, these can be very useful (careful, though, to make sure you select a model with enough tension to hold the banner up).

Need some excitement to attract the attention of passers-by? Think about a scrolling banner stand. This type uses motorized hardware and looped banner to create continuous motion of the banner. That’s hard to ignore when one catches sight of it from the corner of his/her eye. Even with your standard banner stands, consider adding lighting to make them warmer and brighter.

The selection seems almost endless – from outdoor stands with weighted bottoms or rotating support poles to the novelty tabletop retractable with banner barely larger than a legal-size sheet of paper. They’re useful, they’re inexpensive, they’re changeable. Plus, they’re easy. Think how a well-designed banner stand might generate interest at your next event.