Tradeshow insight: What makes a booth memorable?

Not long ago, Exhibitor Magazine published an article by Whitney Archibald titled, “Total Recall.” In it, Archibald presents the findings of memory experts, who asked show attendees which booths they remembered best, then analyzed the things that made those booths stand out. The six factors, stated as strategies, were…

  1. Be Salient – be noticeable through the use of novelty (be different), scale (sheer size of your booth), location (especially near the entrance, so your booth is the first attendees see) and intrusiveness (using motion, lighting, videography and other techniques that can’t be ignored).
  2. Make It Relevant – only if you provide solutions to the attendee’s problems will he/she allow your message to pass from short-term to long-term memory. Don’t spend money on giveaways, or adopt themes that aren’t related to your brand message or product strategy.
  3. Give It Sensory Appeal – the more senses involved, the richer the memory. Including sound, light, sight, touch, taste and smell gives multiple facets to the memory.
  4. Be Brief – make your messages concise and to the point. The human mind can only process so much information at one time.
  5. Get Organized – a booth with lots of small elements is less memorable than a simple, clean design. If you have to use numbers of elements, group them in some logical way.
  6. Repeat Yourself -- multiple exposures to your message allows people to retrieve and strengthen stored memory. Repeat your messages consistently and in a memorable fashion. Make sure to follow up each lead. Prospects who have been exposed to your well-designed booth will remember you.